A Tangent

For those of you looking here for updates on the trip, we apologize in advance. This installment is a bit more indulgent on our part with regards to an annual pastime we all share and look forward to like others do Christmas, the Superbowl, season premieres, etc. As you can tell from the gallery below, fun was not in short supply (but deer certainly were).

Yes, another year of deer hunting is in the books, but before we move forward and touch on a couple recent trip developments, we also have to bring everyone's attention to a huge accomplishment by one of the crew members.

Winchell Delano shot a deceptively-large five point buck, won this year's Leaf River Big Buck Contest, and, most impressively, completed a three-peat, having now won the contest in 2012, 2013, and 2014. He really does join some elite company. In fact, a recent survey* provides some useful context on where this feat ranks among other three-peats in history:       

  1. Chicago Bulls (1993)

  2. Winchell Delano Big Buck Contest (2014)

  3. Chicago Bulls (1998)

  4. New York Islanders (1982)

  5. Shaun White Superpipe (2010)

  6. New York Yankees (2000)

So, back to the point at hand. This canoe trip from the Gulf of Mexico to the Arctic Ocean. It has been a refreshing hiatus for the Minnesota contingent, but now we're back to work. The canoes are all outfitted with knee pads, spray decks, and requisite patches. Our food resupplies need only bars and final touches before they are ready to be sealed-up. Next week we'll gather and pack all the kettles and group gear, and compile the final order list. Our fellow Iowans will join us the second week in December to pack personal packs, finish food resupplies, and make sure we're ready to go well before the holidays are upon us.

Oh, and what is this charming guy standing next to? All Bulk Food departments in every Cash Wise store will have one of these stands promoting the trip. Make sure to check us out next time you're shopping there!

Lastly, look for us appearing in an upcoming Canoe and Kayak magazine near you with an article on the upcoming trip, as well as a presentation for the Saint Cloud Times in Saint Cloud, Minnesota (date and time TBD).

*The term 'survey' here refers to the author's most accurate guess at what the results of a real survey would be while saving the valuable time and money a real survey would cost.